A Weekend Bag For The Traveller

That travel bug, it can consume you in your wake and sleep. It can throw you right off track, and can make you create memories more ridiculous than your Nan's old swimming cap. But when we get it, oh and we will eventually get it over and over, it moves us in all the right directions to create lasting memories and never ending mates along the way. 

So whether it be a weekend with the lover, or an over oceans lone year away, our Weekender bags will have you covered. Designed with cross body handles to help hold all the crap you'll pack and not use, x 3 external pocks for quick throw ins and the best part? She'll age better than the rest of us, that's for sure! 

The perfect throw-it-all-in-and-shove-it-in-the-back-of-the-car-drive-away-and-never-come-home bag, in a range of colours from black, vintage, raw and brown. These are the perfect pieces for your next adventure.