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Spring afternoons and, well, leather.

A rainy afternoon isn't always a bad thing in Spring. It helps clear the mind and ready us for a whole new season, to take on the last battle before Christmas (that's right.. Christmas is coming folks), and begin enjoying 'occasion' season.  But before we rush off to shave our winter coats, fake tan and finally get our roots touched up, take some time for yourself where you can. Enjoy the quiet month of September before Football, Races, Weddings, Christmas Parties (food glorious food!) all come flooding in.  Relax in your cut offs, grab a tea and shop up a storm with all new Honey & Heid envelope clutches. The postman has never looked so good, and well, spring is in...

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Leather Traveller

It's that time of year. Spring break, Europe Break, Why The Hell Not Break. So many places to visit and so little time. So little by little, we are giving you some of our favourites spots from our trip to Europe whilst we searched for the best leathers to bring straight to your doorstep.  Step 1. Paris.  The city of love is something else. And with so many leather goods and designs in town, it is hard not to be inspired to push the boundaries of leather designs.   From the public gardens to the Champs Elysee, every corner provides a haven for the travel bug to grow. Nothing will make you want to travel more than Paris. And to help...

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