Our leather is sourced from Australia and comes from Australia, Germany & South America. Our leather is of the highest quality and ranges with a variety of thicknesses and finishes. 

Our coloured leathers are soft and buttery where as our raw, vintage and black leathers are heavy and thick. Each hide is selected individually and we use the entire hide to create various designs. This ensures that we have no wastage in our which is what we strive for. This also helps us create unique and individual designs that are as personal as you.

All markings on our leather, primarily our vintage and raw designs, are natural and raw. This means that they are unique and already on the hide. As we use the entire hide, sometimes pressure marks are visible, but this is what makes our designs special. These markings may appear and bags cannot be refunded for this purpose. If you need to email us about any questions on the hides, please contact us in our 'contact' section below!

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