Limited Edition Hand Painted Clutch

Limited Edition Hand Painted Clutch

Limited Edition of 20 Pieces. Hand painted by Melbourne Artist, Sarah Darby.

Available NOW! 1 Piece per Design.

100% Leather Super Soft Clutch. 

Limited edition - only minimum runs of 10 available!

100% Hand made, Australian sourced leather, made on the Mornington Peninsula.

Our beautiful products are pure leather, meaning they are designed to age and soften over time, which creates a unique feel to your personal selection. As we use primarily raw leather, any marks are a natural grain imperfection that has appeared naturally giving the clutch its personality. 

Square edge open clutch with push stud button.

Size: I will fit a small wallet / iPhone 6+ / sunnies + much, much more!

Care Instructions: Apply a Suede/Leather protector as suited
Use clean hands or a damp clean cloth to rub away at marks - never wash the leather using product.

Please note: the stamped edition number in the images may vary with personal order